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kimpton hotel sawyer echo and rig entree

A fresh take on the Sacramento steakhouse

Located in Kimpton Sawyer Hotel ● (916) 619-8939

Dine at our Restaurant in Downtown Sacramento

Critically acclaimed chef and restaurateur Sam Marvin introduces Echo & Rig, adjacent to Kimpton Sawyer. Echo & Rig is transforming long-held theories behind the steakhouse formula and embracing what makes the “Farm-To-Fork Capital” inimitable, utilizing all the city offers—culinary and otherwise—while bringing the craft of butchery to the community.

Indulge in a multi-sensory dining experience curated by Chef Sam Marvin, which includes unique cuts of steak, the famed Portobello fries and other hailed delectable dishes, all made from the highest quality and locally grown ingredients.

Dine at Echo & Rig for lunch and dinner, as well as for happy hour and late night dining, inside the luxe, modern dining room or on the beautiful outdoor patio.


Wine & Dishes

A Steakhouse Reimagined

At Echo & Rig, Executive Chef Sam Marvin has introduced an innovative concept that reinvents what a steakhouse can be. Both a steakhouse and a butcher, this restaurant is a stunning homage to meat.

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